1.- Why is it called Buenisima?

The word Buenisima is a Spanish word. “Bueno” is a commonly known word and it means “good”; “muy bueno” means “very good.” Buenisima means something that is even better. Something excellent or superb; something which is unique and cannot be outperformed.

2.- How do you pronounce Buenisima?


3.- Where can Buenisima products be found?

Buenisima products can be purchased at our website. You will be able to find them at a store close to you in the near future.

 4.- Are Buenisima products gluten free?

Absolutely! Our salsas are 100% gluten free. 

5.- Are Buenisima products 100% Natural?

Our products are 100% natural and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

6.- Do Buenisima products need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Our products are fresh gourmet salsas and they must be refrigerated at all times.

7.- How are Buenisima products shipped?

Buenisima products are perishable. Therefore, we always use express shipping services in order to deliver them as soon as possible.

8.- How quickly are the products shipped?

Most orders will ship the same day. Our goal is to ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving the order. Sometimes, product availability could cause shipment delays, especially on large orders. We work diligently to keep any delays to a minimum.

9.- How quickly are the products shipped within the Ogden-Salt Lake City-Provo area?

For our customers who live in the Ogden-Salt Lake City-Provo area of the Wasatch Front, we can guarantee next-day delivery if your order is accepted by 3:00 PM on the previous day.

We offer FREE shipping in the Ogden-Salt Lake City-Provo area on most individual orders. The minimum purchase amount required in order to receive free shipping is $20.00.  Free shipping also applies for any order amounting in up to four cases, but this offer is intended for individual customers only. Free shipping does not apply to business/bulk orders.

10.- How can I place a large (bulk) order with Buenisima?

For large orders within the Ogden-Salt Lake City-Provo area, please email us at contactus@buenisimasalsa.com. Large orders may require more time to produce.

For customers who are ordering from outside of the Wasatch Front area of Northern Utah, please email us at contactus@buenisimasalsa.com for more information.

11.- Is Buenisima Salsa available for retail businesses?

Supply and demand may increase the amount of production time needed, depending upon the size of the order. For retail businesses, please email us at contactus@buenisimasalsa.com for details.