About Us

   The flavor known as Buenisima began in a small town in Southern Mexico many generations ago. According to the spoken history of the family, it began with a widowed Grandmother who opened a small restaurant in order to support her family. It was  passed down from Mother to daughter with very few (if any) alterations to the original recipe. The descendants of that tradition are the owners and operators of Buenisima. We are a family-owned small business. What you will taste now is what has been tasted for over one hundred years, perhaps longer.

 Our focus is uncompromising. Taste and quality cannot be faked or altered in any way; the proof is in the product itself. There are no preservatives used during the creation of this superior salsa. The entire process of creation is done by hand and each batch of this incredible salsa gets the exact same attention to detail. At Buenisima, we believe in quality over quantity. It takes much more time to create such a high quality product and ensure that the spirit of the original is included in each serving. We at Buenisima embrace the challenge. There is no substitute for authenticity. The love of family and care for our customers are the most important ingredients involved.